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ROBO-SOL is a European manufacturer of in-line soldering systems for precision application, providing both tip soldering and laser soldering solutions. ROBO-SOL is a market leader for inline single point soldering systems which are designed to eliminate manual soldering in assembly processes, while providing repeatable high-quality solder joints.

The LX5 Robo-Sol automatic laser soldering cell incorporates solder dispensing or wire feed options, automated inspection, alignment and a highly controlled laser system. The LX5 is the ideal platform for laser soldering solutions.

The MX6 tip soldering cell uses a 5-axis SCARA robot that offers fast speed with high repeatability and rigidity. The Z axis has a stroke length of 550mm, ensuring a versatile robot suited for tip soldering technology.

In a manufacturing world where quality & flexibility is crucial, ROBO-SOL’s technology and reliability is the solution.

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