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The MX6 tip soldering cell uses a 5-axis SCARA robot that offers fast speed (up to 8,300 mm/sec) with high repeatability and rigidity. The Z axis has a stroke length of 550mm, ensuring a versatile robot suited for
tip soldering technology.

The soldering head is equipped with the most accurate heater for optimal thermal behaviour to achieve the best performance and productivity.


  • Fully automated inline, tip soldering cell
  • Accurate and repeatable board clamping
  • Automatic tip correction X/Y/Z
  • The system can be programmed to solder, point, arc or line
  • The system is PC controlled with an easy to use intuitive interface
  • Soldering routines are programmed with the help of the teaching pendant
  • Fully automated in-line module with SMEMA or standalone operation
  • Cleaning station, with both air and brush cleaning of the soldering tip


Clean Cut Feeder

The patented technology notches the solder wire as it is fed through the wire feeder, this signicantly reduces ux spatter and solder balls.

Tip Position Correction X/Y/Z

This option automatically adjusts the tip position offset in X,Y & Z after tip change. It is fully automated and integrated as a funcution into the soldering programme.

Brush Cleaner

This is an automated solder tip cleaner which removes carbites, tin oxides and other impurities caused from soldering operations. It is fully automated and integrated as a function into the soldering programme.


  • Automatic Programme changeover by barcode recognition
  • Automatic conveyor width adjust, from programme selection
  • Customised MES communication
  • Fiducial alignment
  • Board support


Number Of Axis 5
Dimensions L 1200, D 1200, H 1900
Weight 800kg
Power 230V 5KVA
Air 6 Bar
Exhaust 150 m3 / Hour
Max PCB Size 400mm x 500mm
Max Solder Area 350mm x 420mm
PCB Clearance 100mm Top and Bottom
Conveyor SMEMA